Today is my 2 year Pescetarian anniversary!!! I’ve loved every minute of it & am so glad I decided to take that leap! :) I’ve really enjoyed having this blog too and hearing some of your different stories and finding all kinds of cool recipes!
Thanks :)
- Bethany

I was pretty proud of my smoothie today. So I had to post a pic. 😋 Mixed Berry Coconut & “Healthy” Chocolate 😉🍹🍓🌴🍫💜


Strawberry Creme Truffles with only 5 ingredients:

For the filling:
For the chocolate:

have fun!

Eel Sushi 🍣 My favorite 😊

Hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend (if you’re in America)!! 😊🎆🎇🎉🎡🎢🎠🎪🍰🍬🍭🍦🗽
God bless!

Spicy Shrimp Ramon Cup from and a yummy garden tomato sandwich for dinner! The life. 😁🍤🍞🍎

This coconut water with espresso and milk mixed in is AMAZING!!!!
My puppy was trying to taste, but it was prohibited; hence the lying on my lap begging face 😉💜🐾☕🌴

Homemade Honeydew Melon Bubble Tea!! 😊🍶

My day in food pictures :)

Bob Evans for Breakfast;
Spinach, onion & tomato omlet w/ some toast :)

Starbucks for “Lunch”; Passion Iced Tea …

And then again a couple hours later… For a “snack” ;)

And then a cute homey place for dinner with ; a black bean burger and sauted veggies.

And that’s a pic of the cool… yet odd… bathtub at the home restaurant. (Ha ha!)

And then Thai Bubble Tea for dessert with !!! :)

Quite the food adventure, I must say :)
Hope you all had a fabulous day!! God bless!

How to successfully eat at Chick Fil A’…
As a Pescetarian ;)

I just transitioned from veganism to pescetarianism because of some health issues... Are there any deficiencies I should be worried about on the pescetarian diet? :)
✖ Anonymous

Hi! Thanks for the question :)
If you’re eating a well - balanced Pescetarian diet, with adequate amounts off all your vitamins, proteins, carbs, etc. You should be fine. Also watching out for any food - related allergies or restrictions you may have. I’d ask your doctor about your particular health plan.
I wish you the absolute best!! :) God bless!

Special thanks to
for helping me answer this! :)


Decorative Ice Cubes with Flowers, Fruit and Herbs. Add a little fun to those summer days and make your drinks memorable with decorative ice cubes!

Whole Wheat Penne Rigate Pasta w/ a tomato, mushroom & onion sauce. And a garlic bread stick :)

#FarfallePasta w/ a #BasilPesto #Alfredo, #Shrimp, #GarbanzoBeans & #Corn :)